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05/23/2016 Results

Published on May 24th, 2016 by Linesider

EXTRA EXTRA: All, do not forget, there's a 2016 Allatoona Four Seasons Team Tournament Trail on this beautiful lake presented by Bay Marine and the Dugout. It's at Gatewood park (safe light - 3 PM). The next one coming up is June 4, 2016. Check out more details HERE. Be there!

5/23/16: We already have a trifacta winner this season. And we now have the first superfecta winners. What the heck is superfecta? It's when you win 4 things at once. In this case, the winners won first place, big bass, side-pot, and the $250 Dugout gift certificates! No, they didn't win the ...

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5/16/16 Results

Published on May 17th, 2016 by Linesider

5/16/16: 32 limits were brought in last Monday night. A little less than the week before. The average lbs/fish went from 1.67 last week to 1.51 this week. While the fish were not quite as cooperative, someones always manage to catch them. And those someones this week were Alex Alampi and Bobby Addison. They brought in the ...

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5/9/16 Results

Published on May 10th, 2016 by Linesider

And we now have the first Triton Gold winners! Yes, if you have a Triton boat, you could win up to $7000.00 in any of the TRITON boats sanctioned events. And we are one such events! Check out the Triton Gold program for more details or contact Bay Marine if you have further questions. And if you don't have a Triton boat, now is the time to consider having one! Contact Bay Marine for any Triton Boats info.

And the Triton Gold winning team is ...

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5/2/16 Results

Published on May 3rd, 2016 by Linesider

5/2/16: No, no, it won't rain till around 11 PM. Yep, that's what the weatherman said before the tournament started this Monday. And, yes, as y'all already know, it rained like there was no tomorrow starting around 8 PM practically nonstop - with thunder and lightening too. Adding the wind on top of all that and we had a very interesting condition to fish. That's the challenge that 60 teams took head on

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2016 First Monday Night Results (4/25/16)

Published on April 27th, 2016 by Linesider

4/25/16: Welcome all the new and returning anglers. The first Monday Night pot tournament is in the bag. And it went very very well. 60 teams showed up the first night of the season! That's a big jump from last year and it will get bigger! And a huge thanks for the support from the Cherokee Commissioner's office and the Cherokee police department. Two police officers came to oversee and provide general public safety to all. We love and respect our cops and we really do appreciate their support. Some of the many things that were going on were...

  • The classic and anglers of the year trophies were on display! The beautiful trophies showing all the past classic winners and all the past winning teams were on the table for all to see. Yes, your name can be on them. All you have to do is ...

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